Today, the United States economy is gradually rebounding from the effects of the covid pandemic. Various economic indicators show that a recovery is in progress, and life is beginning to return to normal across the country as well.

Commercial real estate has experienced some fluctuations in 2020 and 2021, but overall, the sector is on an upswing. Jonny Weiss, a real estate expert from Greenwich, CT, shows how commercial real estate has improved since the devastating downswing during 2020 and how the nation’s commercial real sectors are impacting the commercial market

The Commercial Market as a Whole

With all of…

The commercial real estate market has experienced both record breaking highs and unexpected lows in 2021. The Covid pandemic negatively affected a wide swath of the industry, especially in relation to supply shortages, but recovery is in progress.

Jonathan Weiss, a commercial real estate finance professional from Greenwich, CT, shares his analysis of the 2021 commercial real estate market and provides explanations of the market’s ups and downs.

The Pandemic’s Effects on Commercial Real Estate

Before beginning any discussion of the state of the commercial real estate market in 2021, Jonny Weiss thinks that we must first understand what happened…

Manhattan’s residential real-estate market, dormant for months after many New Yorkers fled near the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, closed the first quarter by posting its strongest sales in years.

In March, around 1,500 Manhattan residences were in contract for sale. That marked the highest number of deals for any one month in 14 years, according to real-estate analytics firm UrbanDigs.

The surge in sales reflects pent-up demand following a severe slowdown during the early months of the pandemic, when New York City was at a standstill as the virus surged, said Noah Rosenblatt, co-founder of UrbanDigs. …

The massive economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected US commercial real estate (CRE) in ways that were previously unfathomable. From the spring of 2020 through mid-winter, the real estate markets were in a state of constant flux, throwing the entire industry into uncertainty and confusion.

However, since then, the development of at least three different viable COVID-19 vaccines and the announcements of programs by the various levels of government to inoculate virtually the entire population has returned the CRE industry to a welcome degree of stability. The outlook, once opaque, has now become much clearer. …

Jonny Weiss Explains How the Agenda of the Newly-Elected President, Now Supported by a Democratic Senate, Might Affect the Real Estate Industry in the Near Future

With only a few days left before the transfer of executive power from the Trump administration to the Biden administration, the fates of many current tax laws and government policies regarding real estate are far from certain. It was thought after Biden’s victory in November that the best possible outcome for the real estate industry would be a divided government-Democrats in control of the Presidency and the House of Representatives, with Republicans holding the…

Reasons to be Optimistic About Residential Real Estate in the Coming Months

As the new year dawns, American real estate markets continue to react to stay-at-home orders, localized lockdowns, and the transmission, morbidity, and mortality rates linked to COVID-19. Simultaneously, markets continue to react to historically-low mortgage and interest rates, sparse inventory, and high demand. Without question, the last twelve months have been a roller-coaster ride for real estate. Some trends that were reasonably steady for years have been upended and reversed. Meanwhile, some trends that were already on the ascension have accelerated. But overall, and perhaps counter-intuitively, with only…

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a whole new set of rules and restrictions, one of the most important of which is social distancing. Individuals and businesses alike have had to adjust to this new reality, whereby being in close contact with anyone from outside your household is considered risky. Thankfully, businesses have shown impressive innovation in the various ways they’ve adapted to social distancing.

Jonathan Weiss, a real estate professional from Greenwich, Connecticut, provides his insight into the top four ways that businesses have managed to adapt to social distancing at work.

Hosting Virtual Events

Jonathan Weiss Greenwich Host online events

According to Jonathan…

With everyone working from home due to the ongoing pandemic, home offices are becoming the norm. However, according to real estate professional and Greenwich, Connecticut, native Jonathan Weiss, a home office is a space that should be carefully constructed in order to maximize productivity. He provides his top five tips for improving your home office.

Jonathan Weiss Shares Improve your space

Choose a Quiet Location

First and foremost, Jonathan Weiss says that in order to have the best home office possible, you need to find an optimal location. This comes down to noise. If you’re working from home alongside your partner and your children (especially if…

Mental resilience is crucial to an athlete’s performance, perhaps more than their physical prowess, whether they are consistently competing at a professional level, preparing for their first marathon or attempting to improve their exercise intensity.

A positive approach, visualizing what you are capable of, can give you a sizeable advantage in your efforts, while doubt-packed thoughts will have a deflating impact before you even commence.

Jonathan Weiss, a local New Yorker whose interests include fitness, skiing, golf, and baseball, shares a few key sports psychology tips that will enhance your results in the gym or on the playing field.


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